Network of Professionals | Promise Law Hampton Virginia

Network of Professionals

The work of Promise Law is greatly helped by the expertise of other professionals in the community. We can collaborate with your existing advisor or connect you to someone who can help with your particular need. Estate planning and administration frequently include coordination with a financial advisor, geriatric care manager, and tax advisor.

Financial Advisor

You need to develop strategies to effectively save and grow your money. An advisor can offer guidance and help set up retirement accounts, investments for education, and insurance. You don’t have to be a millionaire to benefit from the advice of a Financial Advisor.

Geriatric Care Manager

Managing a health crisis is stressful –  dealing with the reality of a loved one’s decline and being expected to make important decisions about their care is never easy. Care Managers work closely with families to determine care needs, identify placement for rehab or long term care and coordinate support in the facility or home. They know medical jargon, rules about payment for care under Medicare and Medicaid, and can be powerful advocates for the patient.

Tax Advisor

These professionals offer invaluable guidance in many stages of estate planning and administration. They often prepare calculations of alternative proposals, and can give guidance on expenses paid on estates or when a transaction will trigger more income tax. They prepare 1041s – tax returns for estates and trusts. Most clients do not want to pay more taxes – having a tax expert involved throughout planning and administration is the key to that goal.