Estate Planning is Not Only About Distributing Assets

When you think of the term “estate plan,” do you think, “Who gets my stuff when I’m dead?” Of course this is part of estate planning, but it’s not all of it. This seems obvious, but there might come a time in your life when you’re not dying, yet you’re not able to make your… Read more »

October 19 – Geneva Explains Intestate Succession

October 19 – NBI day-long presentation on probate in Richmond; Geneva explains intestate succession (what happens when someone dies without a will) and the ethics rules governing attorney conduct in estate administration.

October 20 – Geneva shares the most common Myths of Estate Planning

Geneva shares the most common Myths of Estate Planning at the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Senior Advocacy Networking Group. The event includes lunch and is free for Chamber members, but registration is required. Visit to register and for more information. Change The Crossings – change Aug. 10 to Oct. 26

Thursday, August 10: Geneva presents to The Crossings in Yorktown

This presentation for Crossings residents covers the basics of estate planning such as the difference between a will and trust, FAQs, and common misconceptions about planning.  Philip Sweat Caring Transitions will also be sharing “the stage” to discuss everything families need to know to successfully organize themselves for all of life’s transitions.

Monday, July 31: Geneva explains assets and estate administration

The National Business Institute offers continuing education credit for a variety of professionals including, attorneys, financial advisors and accountants.  Geneva’s topic involves identifying and securing assets for probate and joins other attorneys with administration expertise for this “101” on estate administration.  For more information or to register visit click here.

Do Not Rush to Qualify: The Biggest Error in Estate Administration

As much as people don’t enjoy conversations around estate planning – incapacity and death being unsettling topics – after someone has died family members quickly want to understand the financial implications of that person’s passing.  In other words, they want to begin estate administration – the transfer of a decedent’s assets to beneficiaries.  The primary… Read more »

Common Questions About Adult Guardianship

When planning for the physical, emotional, and financial care of an elder, there are a number of different legal options to choose from. One of them is an arrangement known as guardianship. What is guardianship? Guardianship, which is known as conservatorship in some states, is an arrangement under which a court-appointed guardian makes important decisions… Read more »

Thursday, April 27: Geneva presents at Caregiver Conference

Caregivers and the professionals that serve them will be the audience for this conference hosted by Norfolk State University’s School of Social Work in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University’s Geriatric Education Center.  Topics range from Dementia and Positive Caregiving to Overcoming Family Inertia.  Geneva’s portion of the presentation includes Legal, Financial & Health Care Planning… Read more »

Will You Have to Pay Inheritance Taxes?

Many people worry about inheritance tax as an aspect of their estate planning, when in reality, it is a non-issue. Sometimes referred to as ‘death tax,’ inheritance tax is charged on the value of the property transferred at the time of death. This tax is not applicable in every state; Virginia does not charge an… Read more »

Saturday, February 25th: Broadway for Better

Come join Geneva and other local artists in a performance of Broadway show tunes.  The show is presented by Promise Law with ticket proceeds benefiting ACCESS AIDS Care – a local AIDS charity.  Tickets are $25 and include the performance and reception.  Hosted at the historical St. John’s Episcopal Church in Hampton, this is an… Read more »