Common Questions About Adult Guardianship

When planning for the physical, emotional, and financial care of an elder, there are a number of different legal options to choose from. One of them is an arrangement known as guardianship. What is guardianship? Guardianship, which is known as conservatorship in some states, is an arrangement under which a court-appointed guardian makes important decisions… Read more »

Thursday, April 27: Geneva presents at Caregiver Conference

Caregivers and the professionals that serve them will be the audience for this conference hosted by Norfolk State University’s School of Social Work in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University’s Geriatric Education Center.  Topics range from Dementia and Positive Caregiving to Overcoming Family Inertia.  Geneva’s portion of the presentation includes Legal, Financial & Health Care Planning… Read more »

Will You Have to Pay Inheritance Taxes?

Many people worry about inheritance tax as an aspect of their estate planning, when in reality, it is a non-issue. Sometimes referred to as ‘death tax,’ inheritance tax is charged on the value of the property transferred at the time of death. This tax is not applicable in every state; Virginia does not charge an… Read more »

Saturday, February 25th: Broadway for Better

Come join Geneva and other local artists in a performance of Broadway show tunes.  The show is presented by Promise Law with ticket proceeds benefiting ACCESS AIDS Care – a local AIDS charity.  Tickets are $25 and include the performance and reception.  Hosted at the historical St. John’s Episcopal Church in Hampton, this is an… Read more »

Thursday, October 27: Geneva discusses health care decision-making at The Chamberlin

Join Geneva for a conversation on health care decision-making.  The discussion will include an explanation of the legal documents involved such as advance medical directives, living wills, and do not resuscitate orders. The presentation includes time for questions and is followed by a tour of the beautiful residences of The Chamberlin.  Light refreshments will also be provided.  The… Read more »

Thursday, October 13: Geneva presents as part of the VPCC Pink Bag Lunch Series

Geneva will present strategies on “The Art of Communicating During Conflict” including how to identify a conflict, engage in a conversation about the conflict, address the emotions of all persons engaged in the conflict, and more.  The program is hosted by the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce (VPCC) as part of their Pink Bag Lunch series…. Read more »

Voting Rights & Guardianship

In this controversial presidential election season many Americans seem eager to express their views by casting a ballot.  As featured recently on NPR, however, if a person is under a guardianship they may have automatically lost their voting rights. A guardian is a court appointed person or agency responsible for making sure the incapacitated person’s physical needs… Read more »

Joan Rivers’ Eggs Live On, Estate Sale to Garner Millions of Value

The late comedian Ms. Joan Rivers collected Faberge eggs and a recent auction of her collection and other antiques are expected by experts to be quite profitable to her estate. Very few people own true antiques or collections that would bring much value at auction, but most people have keepsakes of considerable personal meaning.  These include items like family Bibles, lockets with a photograph, a porcelain… Read more »

So You Think You Know Heirs

The untimely death of rock, pop icon Prince is proving to be a primer on what not to do in estate planning and how to create a mess in estate administration.  Of course, the administration begins with turning to his estate planning documents.  None.  Then what’s next: heirs. Heirs are those people who are related to… Read more »