Wednesday, May 6: Geneva Hosts Sky + Pride

Geneva will be at Sky Bar in Virginia Beach May 6 at 7:30 p.m. hosting Hampton Roads Pride’s event – Sky + Pride.  This is an evening of fun and fundraising in support of Pride’s presence and programming in Hampton Roads.  For more information on Pride or to purchase tickets visit

You Know What I Mean

Have you ever been in a conversation and had someone say “you know what I mean” and you say “sure” only, it becomes clear later that you had no idea what they meant?  It should go without saying that precision is essential in legal drafting.  The importance of clarity cannot be overstated.  When you decide to do your… Read more »

Thursday, April 30: Dine Out – Save Lives at Nawab in Williamsburg

ACCESS AIDS Care’s annual Dining Out for Life event is Thursday, April 30.  Grab a friend and join Geneva for dinner at Nawab in Williamsburg from 6:00-9:00 p.m.  Nawab donates 25% of food sales to ACCESS AIDS Care, which provides support services for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS in Hampton Roads .   It is that easy:  dine… Read more »

Saturday, April 18: EV’s Commonwealth Dinner

Join Geneva at Equality Virginia’s annual Commonwealth Dinner.  The event supports EV’s important work and the evening itself is moving and impactful in its recognition of the work done and yet to do for LGBT equality. Early registration rates end Sunday, February 15.  When registering, choose Geneva as your table host so she can have… Read more »

She Loves Me Not – Avoidable Heartache Through Estate Planning

People avoid estate planning for many reasons.  Some don’t plan because estate planning involves discussion of unpleasant, sensitive subject matter.  Other people – the focus of this discussion – are people who avoid estate planning because they think “my family knows what I want, and I trust them.” To the latter category I offer this rejoinder;… Read more »

A Not So Happy Holiday

For many the holiday season involves a ritual return to the home place or where parents have retired.  A time of (hoped for) rest and reconnection can quickly be disrupted with a jolt. Children learn that the simple procedure dad had was not so simple, and he’s not “fine” despite mom’s reports.  It’s discovered that Aunt Jenny is always… Read more »