A Not So Happy Holiday

For many the holiday season involves a ritual return to the home place or where parents have retired.  A time of (hoped for) rest and reconnection can quickly be disrupted with a jolt. Children learn that the simple procedure dad had was not so simple, and he’s not “fine” despite mom’s reports.  It’s discovered that Aunt Jenny is always… Read more »

Tuesday, December 2: Peninsula Estate Planning Council Presentation

Geneva Perry and Helena Mock have been invited by the Peninsula Estate Planning Council to discuss same-sex estate planning at the Council’s meeting December 2 at Kingsmill.   The presentation will include recent changes in the law, both federal and state, and the implications for attorneys, accountants and financial advisors working to assist same-sex clients.

Wednesday, January 14: Geneva’s Birthday at Tommy’s

If you love breakfast and birthdays, join Geneva, her family and friends as they celebrate her birthday at Tommy’s Restaurant in Hampton, Wednesday, January 14 at 8:00 a.m.  Tommy’s is located at 3406 W. Mercury Boulevard.

Same-Sex Estate Planning Seminar

Geneva discusses Same-Sex Estate Planning at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 22 (Virginia Beach), Thursday, October 23 (Newport News) and Wednesday, November 12 (Norfolk).  The event is hosted by Merrill Lynch and includes dinner.  There is no fee to participate but registration is required due to limited seating.  Click here to contact us online  for… Read more »