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Adult Guardianship

A guardian or conservator is needed for adults who are unable to make decisions for themselves and are incapacitated.


Incapacity can occur in elderly persons with dementia, in the case of special needs children who have reached adulthood, or where any adult has experienced illness or injury that resulted in cognitive impairment. Similar to a guardian, a conservator is court appointed and manages an incapacitated adult’s finances.

If you are seeking adult guardianship or conservatorship of a loved one, whether to make medical decisions or perform financial transactions on their behalf, Promise Law can help. Our process includes evaluating if you’ve got options other than court. If not, then we prepare all the documents for the court and are with you throughout the process from the initial filing to the final hearing.

We know this is a difficult and frustrating time when you want to help but don’t have any authority to do so. Let Promise Law in Hampton, Virginia ease the process for you.

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If you’re already appointed by the court as conservator, then click here to learn more about estate administration.