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Change in Marital Status

A new relationship status is a new beginning. Whether you’re starting a new life as a couple or on your own, things are changing. Now your estate plan needs to change to match your new life, and¬ Promise Law can help.

We make the estate planning process simple by asking all the right questions, creating all the necessary documents, and guiding you on re-titling of assets or change of beneficiary designations as needed. We’ll help you make sure that promises made are promises kept.

You Might Not Know That:

  • Marriage between¬†blended families, especially with children from prior relationships, can create unique planning considerations.
  • If you want to include children from prior marriage, ‚ÄúI love you” wills with identical provisions are not sufficient.
  • Many married individuals have joint accounts, so incapacity or death of the first spouse may not adversely affect them/their family. On the other hand, divorced or widowed individuals have a particular need to make sure someone is able to handle affairs in the event of incapacity or death.

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When your marital status changes, your plans for the future change, too. Trust Promise Law in Hampton, Virginia to help you cultivate a plan for your future. Life happens. Plan on it.