Wills and Estate Planning Attorney Newport News, VA

Estate Planning

Wills are a powerful tool, and a common source of peace of mind.

The umbrella of estate planning includes more than wills, however. In addition to a will, sometimes a power of attorney, an advanced medical directive and a trust are also required.

A will allows the Testator (person creating will) to gift their belongings to friends, family members, favorite charities or even a beloved pet. These recipients are formally known as Devisees and Beneficiaries, and the individual responsible for implementing the will is known as the Executor.

Wills allow the Testator to distribute real estate, choose beneficiaries, appoint guardians to any minor children and distribute personal property among the surviving loved ones.

There are numerous types of wills, and several requirements when drafting one. Promise Law can help with any questions you may have in regards to wills, estate planning and trusts. Let us help you make sure that promises made are promises kept.