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Medical Necessity

Whenever the doctor gets involved, things can become very intense, very quickly. When you receive unpleasant medical news, it can feel like you’ve lost control, but Promise Law is here to help you take back your life.

We make the estate planning process simple by asking all the right questions, creating all the necessary documents, and guiding you on re-titling of assets or change of beneficiary designations as needed. We’ll help you make sure that promises made are promises kept.

Promise Law is Here For You:

  • A health crisis can be a very scary time for the person experiencing it and for their family. With the proper documents in place this stress can be reduced somewhat. Gain peace of mind knowing who can take action and what sorts of treatments reflect the person’s wishes for care.
  • Sometimes health issues do not cause death, but result in permanent incapacity or inability to handle affairs. A stroke, heart attack or even a gradual decline into memory loss can leave the family struggling to figure out what to do.
  • We can review medical directives or powers of attorney and help you determine what authority you have.
  • If there aren’t documents or they don’t give sufficient powers to help your loved one, we can help you petition the court to obtain those powers through adult guardianship.

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Although things may feel out of control now, it will get better. Promise Law is here to help. Life happens. Plan on it.